Beware- onion and tomato salad

This would also be great on a pizza, or over pasta.

My kids wanted frozen pizza for dinner tonight. I was happy to make it for them, but didn’t really want to eat it myself. Tomato season is coming on, and I had a Walla Walla onion left from a party a few weeks ago.

I had marinated the onions in basalmic vinegar, olive oil and Vietnamese fish sauce, then I grilled them. My friend Grif came to the party early, and he kept snitching raw onions out of the bowl they were marinating in. I couldn’t believe he was eating raw onions, then I tried one. It was really good.

Tonight, I sliced the onion into wedges- cutting pole to pole instead of around the equator. I soaked it in cool water for a few minutes, to take away some of the bite. I learned this trick from Andrew Weil’s book 8 Weeks to Optimum Health I love the book, although I have never made it through all 8 weeks. That may be why I am not in optimum health.

While the onions were soaking, I zipped outside to get some tomatoes and basil. I chopped the tomatoes, drained the onion, and ripped up the basil, and tossed them all together with some vinaigrette and salt. Paradise in a bowl.


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