Seed Catalogues

Seed catalogues have been piling up in the mailbox, and on the coffee table for a couple of weeks now. Pinetree Garden Seeds was the first to arrive, and has the most post-it notes, but Nichols’Garden Nursery is running a close second. I love Nichols’ emphasis on herbs, but also love Pinetree’s multiple pages of gadgets. Leaf Claws? does anyone need leaf claws? Not really, but fun to read, as the days get longer, and I can start calculating when I can plant early things like sweet peas or potatoes, or sugar snap peas. Territorial is good too- they have 29 varieties of garlic- with a brief discription of each, teliing aboout growing requirements and flavors. 29, really? Do most of them just taste like garlic? I’d have to wait to get them in the fall, though, because Territorial only ships garlic bulbs in the fall, so I probably won’t order- delayed gratification is bad enough when I send off a check and order, and don’t get seeds for a couple of weeks. High Country Gardens is my favorite for perennials for the dry west- the nursery is based in Santa Fe, and they are really great about explaining what grows here, and why. I should probably order something from them this year, to stay on their mailing list. This sounds crazy- don’t most people want to get off mailing lists? All of these companies have a web presence, if you don’t have catalogues clogging your mailbox.

My stack of magazines, with sticky notes. Time will tell if Asparagus seeds make it on to the order.


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