People should have more babies, so I can make more quilts.

I gave Austin’s quilt to his mom last night (he’s the “baby to be named later”- he has a name, but he hasn’t seen the light of day yet) and washed Michele’s. The washing has made it puckery, and the stitching comes out so much better now. In real life it looks really good, but I can’t get a picture to come out showing how cute it is. I guess real life is what matters, right?

Do I blame the camera? or the photographer (me)? Quilt pictures are hard...

I’m so pleased with how this came out- once I had the border and the big motifs done, there was a lot of open space, so  used a marker to draw little pictures to fill in. With the batting I used, there has to be quilting at least every 8 inches, so I had the kids draw some stuff, and I drew little pictures as well that I outlined with stitches. So we have a cat, a fish, a couple of birds. No dinosaurs, which was a surprise.

Now I just have to get it mailed off.


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  1. Darla
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 20:49:57

    She’s a pretty iris too…it only takes one bloom to get the rest of them started! Hooray for Spring.


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