These Seven Pieces? Really?

At the bookstore the other day I flipped through Good Bones, a book about the seven essential pieces of furniture that you should buy and keep for a lifetime.

I was pleased to see a demilune table- I have one in teak, that I paid too much for, probably, but that I really love.

But the rest of the stuff threw me off. A dresser, obviously.

Wait…You have to write a book to tell people to buy a chest of drawers?

Slipper chairs…really?

A loveseat? ummm…I want a big couch that several people can flop on, especially as two of my favorite people to flop with get bigger and taller.

Bookshelves, a necesity for me, don’t get a mention in the book. Entertainment center… likewise not in the book. Coffee table? No. Rocker/recliner? Not in there.

So, what are your 7 essential pieces of furniture- if you were starting over, what would be the 7 first things you would get?


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  1. Felecia
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 22:37:51

    huh….I never thought about this…

    So, far tho, in the 15 or 17 or 25 lifetime moves I’ve made…I lost count after like 11… I always seem to be carting around a dresser of some kind, a bed frame of some kind, book shelves, a night stand, a free-standing mirror with lion’s feet, and a desk. NONE of the pieces I started with have made it this far, BUT the free-standing mirror and desk (my dad made it…its got gorgeous queen anne legs) have been with me the most years.

    I tend to think of furniture as eventually being replaced based n the needs of a house. I think the mirror and desk plus a chest I inherited from my grandmother might make it to the end now…but only because they are actually attractive and useful family heirlooms that I couldn’t bear to part with.


    • katsmama
      Aug 19, 2012 @ 09:32:17

      I’ve been wondering about furniture lately- we haven’t moved for about 11 years, and we keep getting new furniture, but not getting rid of old stuff. I totally don’t want to move, but it would probably inspire us to declutter. The chest, mirror and desk sound like they are worth keeping. we have a lot of prefab bookshelves and stuff.


  2. DH
    Aug 18, 2012 @ 00:41:15

    I find myself increasingly jealous of your desk.


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