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Life happens… I won’t apologize for not updating this blog for a long time, because I know that everybody understands that life changes, and priorities change with it. When I first started this blog, I was extremely interested in gardening and plants, and in sharing my ideas about that with other people. The topics drifted into cooking and crafts and home projects, and then I was finding it hard to define what my focus was. What was this blog supposed to be about, anyway?

I began to feel repetitive, how many updates on a vanilla orchid did I need to post? It’s doing fine in my kitchen window, by the way. How many posts on tomatoes does anyone want to read? It doesn’t help that gardening is cyclical- after the excitement of planting a peach tree, there’s just the annual maintenance of pruning, and mulching, and then eating the peaches, before the squirrels get to them.  My posts tapered off, then stopped.


As I was running out of new ideas about plants, I was growing in ideas about other topics. I started practicing yoga regularly, then started learning martial arts with my daughter. I have so many ideas and thoughts about the physical and personal growth that didn’t seem to fit on a blog about gardens and crafts. Over this winter, I have been working on my Yoga Teacher training 200 hour certificate, and I have lots and lot of ideas about movement, and physical change, and loving what your body can do. I have shifted over to a new blog that has the same name as my yoga teaching business, I plan to use it as an early draft of a book (or books? who knows?) about my experiences with yoga and taekwondo. And life, of course.

I may post very occasionally here. After all, I have a new obsession with orchids and air plants, and I’ve been experimenting with breeding a landrace of tomatoes  specifically for the conditions of my little backyard. However, if you like my style and voice, my special kind of magic, follow me over to the new location and subscribe. It’ll be fun.


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