No New Projects! Well, maybe just one…

As part of my resolution to be more organized this year, I decided not to start any more knitting projects during the month of January. I knit compulsively, and I still have about 3 long term projects that I will just never finish, unless I really work on them exclusively. For example, there is a short sleeve sweater in a very thin bamboo yarn, on ridiculously skinny needles. I timed it today, and it takes me a full ten minutes to knit one round of this thing. The pattern is knit in one piece, from the top down to the waist, and I am about 10 inches down from the collar. Did I mention that the color is kind of band-aid pink? When I started I thought it would be subtle and natural-looking. Now, I just don’t know. No pictures…
There is a pair of brown socks, very easy ribbing pattern that I have memorized. That is my portable project, for meetings, and car rides. No pictures of them either. My camera is in the car, and it’s just too cold to go get it. I’m also in my pajamas.
The third major project is a circular afghan. Afghans are big, if you hadn’t noticed. and the thing about knitting in a circle, is they get bigger every round. It just takes for ever. Right now, it has a radius of about 12 inches. Not really big enough for an afghan yet. I don’t expect to finish it during my self-imposed ban on new projects, but it’ll maybe go to a 16 inch radius?
There’s also a hat that will take maybe half an hour to finish up on, and it’s charity knitting, for the preschool silent auction.

Now, the girl asked me today for her own hat. Red and pink stripes. And I have this really pretty wool and silk blend, that we could dye. And she’s due for a hat- the one she has been wearing constantly I made about 6 years ago. For her brother. So, she’s totally due.

 No new projects. But watch for a dying tutorial…

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