She doesn’t have another pair just like them at home

The Girl has been wearing unmatched socks for a while. I haven’t heard anything but positive comments about it, even when they don’t know I’m her mom. For instance at the first softball practice, when the family next to me said “oh, look at the cute little redhead on first base, her socks don’t match.” I guess when people think it is appalling or stupid, they keep their mouths shut. Sometimes when people tell her that her socks don’t match, she’ll say, “Yeah, I have another pair just like them at home.” usually, though, she says “yeah, it’s my thing.” I think it is pretty cool.
DH got his pair of socks for his birthday (I lost them under the passenger seat, so he didn’t get them on his birthday, but I did eventually find them) and then it was the Girl’s turn for homemade socks.
Her current favorite color is red, and I got some really pretty variegated red from Knitpicks (have you been? if you do yarn crafts at all, the prices are amazing, and the service is great, and much better quality than the stuff I can get at the big craft stores ( no affiliation with them, it’s just that since my local yarn store went out of business, I’ve relied on them)

As I cast on the first sock, I had an idea. Why knit a pair for her, that she will only wear half of at a time?
Why not make 2 completely different socks, or, since this is a huge ball of yarn, 440 yards, why not make as many coordinating socks as I can, adding in stripes of other leftover colors that coordinate? This way, she won’t have a pair just like them at home- she’ll have a bazillion socks, all different.

I love the way the stripes on the variegation work out- all shades of rich red.

So, while sitting in the bleachers at swim lessons, and on the blanket at the park, I made a wavy lace sock. (It’s a little tight to get on, it probably won’t get worn much, and she will likely outgrow it first. Oh well)
Then, at softball practice, and on the drive to the wedding, and the drive to and from the family reunion in Denver, I worked on a ribbed top with a yellow and orange intarsia star on the heel flap- my first try with intarsia, and maybe my last, but it was fun. Then I used the same yellow and orange on the toe. (in case you were wondering, I don’t knit while driving- just when DH drives. I am neither that coordinated nor that crazy.)

The star doesn't look as cool as it should for as much of a pain in the neck as it was to make...

Next, on the way to the family reunion in Idaho (!) where we had 11 hours to drive there, and another 11 hours to drive back, I made a modified wavy lace, where the main pattern is only on the cuff, and there are just eyelets that continue down the instep. Oddly, this one did not get finished on the road trip- you really can’t knit that many hours straight. I can’t anyway. I’ll get it done sometime this week.

Just a few more rounds on the toe, and look how much yarn is still left...

Finally, I’ll do a sock with some dark blue stripes,  and that should take care of the red yarn, and to be fair, it will be the Boy’s turn for a pair. He wants white socks. That match.


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  1. Felecia
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 23:55:21

    Have you ever heard of They sell socks in threes…all different. I bought them for my mom…she always has such colorful socks that I thought she’d enjoy them. And, of course, her 4 year old grandson thinks they are the neatest thing EVER…I’ve never met your daughter…but I like her. She appears to have your spunk and pioneering attitude!


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