The Band-aid Colored Sweater

At the halfway mark of a top down sweater...

I have been cranking along, about an inch per day on this short sleeved sweater that I started last…maybe…August? Part of the problem is that I don’t love the color- on the ball it was kind of pinkish, but knit up, it is weirdly grey. Beige. Greige… is greige a color? Because that’s what this is.

I found the yarn, a very thin bamboo, at the Habitat thrift store, for 50 cents a ball. It is super soft, and who could resist that price?

I got the pattern from Knitting in the Sun- great book, that I have used for a couple of patterns. detail I love is the waist shaping- gradual ribbing. First 1 perl stitch for every 7, then 1 in 3, then 1 perl, 1 knit, then back up again. Love it. 

Waist shaping detail

 However, the detail is really a pain in the neck to knit. I am almost through with the pain in the neck part, and then there will be about another 6 inches of length. Ugh. Then the sleeves. The goal was to finish it in the month of January, but obviously that didn’t happen.

So maybe sometime by the end of February, I’ll have a weirdly colored sweater. Maybe I’ll dye it.


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