Finished Object- baby quilt

Plum blossom in sashiko stitching.

Finished the blue and yellow quilt, and have started another in a similar style, with turquoise batik fabric for the top and flannel for the back.
I suddenly admire all the great photos I have seen on the web of quilt details, because they are hard to take. My point- and-shoot is struggling to get any detail to show up. The weather is not cooperating either- cloudy and bleak is not great for photography.

This corner is done in the mountain stitch pattern.

Finally we have gotten a string of crystalline days, and I could bring the finished quilt and the future quilt out to the patio to take some pictures.

I have just begun stitching the turquoise one, also for a baby to be named later, and have pretty much done a circle in the center, for a medallion. I am going away from traditional Japanese patterns and putting a Celtic knot in the center and a braid around the edge. This quilt also has a layer of batting in it, which makes quilting go slower.  On the blue and yellow quilt, since the baby is being born in the spring in Denver, I just wanted cotton on the front and flannel on the back- soft but not warm.  Turquoise baby lives in Alaska, so I figure he or she would appreciate the extra warmth.

Turquoise Batik, sandwiched with cotton batting and flannel.

When I claimed my identity as a quilter a few weeks ago, I may have been misleading- I actually hate the patchwork stuff- it makes my brain hurt. But sewing layers of stuff together is pretty satisfying.


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