Fuzzy Purple Mittens

It's so fuzzy!

January is for starting new things, right? Is that why I have started knitting a cat bed for the guest room, two pairs of lace socks, a pair of purple mittens, and a lace cowl?

The cowl and mittens are to match my new jacket (umm, is it new if I got it two years ago? yes, because my not-new jacket I got 11 years ago, and my old jacket was purchased in 1990) They are also kind-of my school colors- burgundy and silver. I am scheduled for parking lot duty soon, and I wanted some layers with a “be true to your school” kind of theme.
When I was planning the mittens, I wasn’t sure what yarn to use- I thought I would have to buy some, thinking, “oh, I don’t have any  purple, this must mean a trip to the yarn store.” Then the voice of reason said, “seriously? no purple yarn?” and I looked in my stash. Of course there was purple yarn.

There was a ball of solid purple mohair that I remember getting at the sheep festival a couple of years ago- no label anymore. I had started a blanket with it, but decided I didn’t like it. It has been sitting in a ziplock bag for 3 years. I also had some purple and grey mohair that I had gotten on sale, for the same blanket project. It was time to make something with them.
The mitten project is easy- look at http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/FEATmittens101.html for a quick tutorial- make a mini mitten, and you’ll learn everything you need to know. Knitting in the round, decreasing and grafting are the big skills. They go pretty quickly- I was able to make these during a couple of tae kwon do classes and a night of TV. If you are nervous about moving on from scarves or blankets, mittens are a good next move- useful, and people lose them enough that it makes sense to make them. I know I have lost multiple pairs of mittens, in a way that I don’t lose socks or hats. Or sweaters… I hardly ever lose sweaters…


March 17 edited to add: Yes, I lost one, about a month after I made them. Sigh.  I weighed the surviving mitten, and weighed the yarn I had left, and am working on another one (yes, I looked for it!) I wouldn’t have bothered, except they are predicting snow for Monday.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Felecia
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 03:37:52

    you hardly ever lose sweaters!?!?!? I have never lost a sweater…just a jacket or two, a pair of shoes once…I seem to misplace my gloves all the time. I want to crawl inside your purple mittens and have cozy nap. They look WARM and COZY and soft…which reminds me of a Jan Brett book…The Mitten..hmmmm…


  2. katsmama
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 22:38:07

    oooh, I love Jan Brett- it makes me sad that my kids have kind of outgrown her books. I only said I hardly ever lose sweaters, because my mom is subscribed to my blog now, and I don’t want her to say, “what about in 4th grade….” or whenever. She has a long memory:)


  3. racheycarter
    Jan 26, 2012 @ 07:10:59

    I still have never made the leap into learning how to make mittens, despite hearing from you and Kevin-the-Girl how easy they are. I guess it’s even lower on my priority list now that I live in a temperate climate. Heck, I can hardly ever bring myself to knit anymore. It feels unnatural when it’s always sunny and warm. Wah wah.


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